The United Nations

by | October 6, 2011

Should good and decent democracies be part of the United Nations? More importantly, if a new country were to be created with the best of constitutions and a fair minded government, should it join the United Nations?

Tough question. The United Nations is currently the only worldwide platform for international discussion. In that sense, it may be necessary. But it is totally dysfunctional. The security council favors a few important countries which represent a minority of the world’s population. Voting is done on a country-basis, not a population basis so that decisions are totally unrepresentative and unfair. It is not an organization that a well-intentioned country would want to be a part of.

Our suggestion is that a new country should become a member but refuse to be bound by its decisions. A good, democratic and fair country can not be dictated to by a ragtag group of dictators, oligarchs and charlatans.

Next on the list after creating a new, fair country is to create an alternative to the United Nations.

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