Democrasi.com is a different kind of web site. First, it’s apolitical. It’s not concerned about the left or the right, the blue or the red, the liberal or the conservative. This site is simply about the means of giving citizens a chance to select the type of government they want. It’s also about ensuring fairness for everyone. No democracy is truly fair nor will any democracy ever be perfectly fair. There is always a careful balancing act between various concerns in how a government is selected. But surely we can do better than we have done up until now.

This Democrasi web site is dedicated to discussions about, around and for democracy. It’s a funny world we live in. So many of us have been brought up to believe that democracy is the best political system in the world. (And we were right.) But we have become complacent, not trying hard enough to improve the system. Democracies are still terribly flawed and therefore need rework.

In order to kickstart a few discussions, the founders of this site have started a few topics with the admin user. The ideas may be provocative but we felt that the site needed a few starting points. Anyone who creates an account can comment or start his/her own topics. Feel free to read the discussions and/or contribute to them. Don’t be shy. The golden rule of this site is that we do not restrict ideas unless they are offensive (eg. vulgar, racist). Oh, and all postings must be in English.

At Democrasi, we are always looking for new points of view, even if they disagree (and maybe particularly if they disagree) with our initial posts. Sign up and join the discussions. Let’s hash it out. We need to find a better solution. And the way to do that is through discussion. The more the merrier.

Welcome to the beginning of a new world …

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